Endless miles of aquamarine coastline, sun-bleached ancient ruins, strong feta and stronger ouzo – the Greek landscape thrills, and the Greek people are passionate about politics, coffee, art and gossiping.

Naturally Inviting

It’s easy to understand how so many myths of gods and giants originated in this vast and varied landscape, with wide open skies and a sea speckled with islands, where days melt from one to the next while you relish the white-sand and palm-fringed beaches. Greece is a magnet for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. Wander along cobbled, Byzantine footpaths, hike into volcanoes, watch for dolphins and sea turtles, and cycle through lush forests. Discover world-class kitesurfing, diving and rock-climbing locations or simply hop on a boat and set sail into the glittering blue beyond.

Why I Love Greece

By Korina Miller, Writer
I first visited Greece as an 18-year-old, sleeping on the decks of slow-moving ferries, living on olives and feta, and constantly salt-crusted from swimming in the deep blue Aegean. But it was a starlit performance at the 3rd-century BC Theatre of Epidavros that sealed my love of the country. Watching the ancient Greek drama unfold before me as I sat on stone seats worn smooth by thousands of years of use, I felt caught in a moment that seemed to sidestep time. I love Greece because magical moments like that one aren’t so hard to find here.

Sumptuous Feasting

Greeks pride themselves on their cuisine and will go out of their way to ensure you are well fed. The tang of homemade tzatziki and the aroma of souvlaki grilling are just the beginning. Taste test your way through regional cheeses – from crumbling feta to honeyed soft cheeses and sharp, hard rounds. Dig into rich layers of mousakas and sip crisp wine from grapes ripened under the hot Mediterranean sun. The Italian legacy of pasta is paired with Greek specialties like lobster, while Turkish spices find their way into delicate sweets. Mussels are steamed in ouzo, bread is baked with olives and fish is cooked straight from the sea.

Culturally Rich

Step into the ring where Olympic athletes competed. Gaze at Meteora’s monasteries, perched atop towering rock pinnacles. Contemplate the Oracle’s insights from the grandeur of Delphi or take in a starlit drama at an ancient outdoor theatre. In the most unexpected places, you’ll encounter thought-provoking modern art, the melancholic throb ofrembetika (blues songs) and collections of ancient marble sculptures dredged up from beneath the Aegean. Greece balances its past, present and future in a way managed by few other countries. The result is a nation with endless cultural pursuits.

Socially Spirited

Greeks are truly social beings. Their families are extended and they are quick to welcome in newcomers, whether for a coffee, a shot of ouzo, a chorus on the bouzouki or a heated debate. Greeks are passionate, if nothing else, and this passion continues to drive society forward despite the current economic turmoil. Life is lived to the fullest, even at the most difficult of times, and herein lies the secret of how a country, seemingly riddled with challenges, is full of people who remain so in love with life.
Source: Lonely Planet

Itinerary Details

Day 1 - Arrival in Athens

Our friendly staff will transfer you to your hotel, on arrival in Athens. Check in at the hotel and spend the day at leisure. Enjoy an overnight stay in Athens.

Day 2 - Athens City Tour with Acropolis

Relish your breakfast and go on a city tour, which includes a visit to Acropolis. Spend the rest of the day at leisure and an overnight stay in Athens.

Day 3 - Transfers from Athens - Mykonos

Savour a hearty breakfast and get transferred to the port for your ferry-ride to Mykonos by our friendly staff. On arrival at the port of the Island of Mykonos, you will be assisted and transferred to your hotel by our staff. Take rest for the other half of the day and enjoy an overnight stay in Mykonos.

Day 4 - Mykonos

Explore Mykonos, which is a very popular island with beach coves, narrow streets with whitewashed houses and balconies. Windmills give an extra romantic touch to the lovely island. Check out the taverns that offer Greek food. Enjoy the beauty of the island's landscape, its churches and its beaches. Stay overnight in Mykonos.

Day 5 - Ferry transfers from Mykonos - Santorini (2 Hours and 35 Minutes)

After breakfast, you will be transferred to the port for your ferry-ride to Santorini. After your arrival, you will be transferred to your hotel. Spend the rest of the day at leisure and enjoy an overnight stay in Santorini.

Day 6 - Santorini

Santorini is a different place on earth where one can only look and wonder at the beauty created by the volcanic eruption. The island is reminiscent of the lost civilization of Atlantis. The town of Firas has whitewashed houses, narrow streets, open-air cafes and steep cliffs. Stay overnight in Santorini.

Day 7 - Departure Day

After breakfast, you will be taken to the airport to start your journey back home.